 To empower and support the all types of migrants particularly those who are in need and in problem.

 To promote all kinds of   migrants rights and human rights.

 To promote and introduce the effective rules, regulations and policies that creates a friendly environment for migration, environment and development at national and international cooperation.

 To Help other organizations and related services groups to enhance understanding of  migration,  environment and development  issues  to meet the needs.

To  Provide advocacy and consultation supports for migration, environment and development, 

 To Reduce the effects of poverty, destitution among vulnerable for migration, environment and development  by the support access to provision and humanitarian assistance.

 To work for the development of  individuals, groups and communities in Bangladesh  at national and international cooperation on  migration, environment and development issues,

 To endorse the human rights and in particular the rights of all the people at migration, Environment and Development through voluntary work.

 To established a green society ensuring the safe migration, healthy environment and sustainable development,

 To implement community oriented research and training programs in the area of

public interest, safe migration,  healthy environment and sustainable development,

 To create migration and environmental awareness along with the sustainable development at home and abroad.

 To Publish and print, the migration, environment and development related articles, essays, journals, books, magazines, news bulletin, and other publications.